The Vegetarian Countdown: #10 Tavern On The Hill

I will critique the top ten best restaurants in Duluth for vegetarians based on their quality and the restaurants amount of options for vegetarian meals. It is important to understand I have eaten at all these restaurants and we will start with me least favorite and end with me favorite. This week is #10- Duluth's newest restaurant Tavern On The Hill.

The Tavern photo by: Brad Eischens

Duluth is an extremely friendly city for vegetarians. That could be because every restaurant that has some sort of catered section for vegetarians, has a wild rice burger in it. It's hard to go wrong with a good WRB.

Anyone who has been to Tavern (that's what us locals call it) before will probably ask why it is number ten on my list when it has a large vegetarian menu. I can answer that question in three words: it's nothing special.

Yes, Tavern has a large vegetarian menu with a (V) next to every vegetarian options to help us focus on the only things we can eat. These V's cover the menu, scattered all about. There are 17 labeled (V) meals and the fact that you can make almost anything else vegetarian if you try hard enough.

So again, you ask "Why number ten then?" Especially when some meals are as creative as a sweet potato burger and avocado tacos. Again, the same answer in another form: everything is extremely average.

The wild rice burger is good, like I said it's hard to mess up a wild rice burger. You can tell this one is homemade too. But when you find a delicious, stand out wild rice burger, you can't beat it. That's not this one. $11 is a good price, except when like any good vegetarian, I want sweet potato fries and it's another $2. Perhaps that is not a lot anywhere else, but in Duluth...we can do better.

Sweet potato burger? I've never had it...but any vegetarian burger connoisseur knows that the easiest part to go wrong is the texture. These burgers can easily get to soft and squishy. I am afraid of how nice and mushy the sweet potato burger can get, but I invite you to try it and tell me I'm wrong.

photo by: Brad Eischens

Finally, the avocado tacos. I love avocados. Any form, flavor and on anything. These tacos are filled with fried avocados, coleslaw and sriracha sour cream. They're fine. The first time, they were delicious. The second and third time, they were good. It's up to you. For the same price as the wild rice burger, it's hard to say. But again this is just me.

It's not that isn't good, it's just that of the top 10 vegetarian restaurants, it's #10. Try it for yourself.

Go to Tavern on the Hill at 1102 Woodland Ave, Duluth, MN 55812 and head to their website here.

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