Bean There, Done That: Duluth Coffee Co.

BY LAURA GRUHLKE | Arts & Entertainment Reporter | The Statesman Bean there, done that is a monthly review of Duluth's best coffee places. ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH STAUNER

Duluth Coffee Company

Location: 105 E. Superior St., Duluth

Hours: 6:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Bus from UMD: 11K, 18 minutes

Duluth Coffee Company is a cozy coffee shop in the heart of downtown Duluth. They have been brewing their way into our cups since opening in October of 2012.

Upon walking in, the aroma of coffee beans fills the air and your not-so-typical coffee shop music is played over the speakers. The baristas behind the counter are friendly and eager to make your locally brewed cup of coffee.

Barista and trainer Jake Underwood said his favorite part about working here, besides that he loves the coffee is, “Making people feel like they are walking into their house and having a good time.”

The Duluth Coffee Company offers a variety of drinks to enjoy in the shop or to go.

The shop also roasts their own coffee beans in-house and offers them for sale in bulk to take home and brew yourself.

Underwood said that his favorite drink is the classic cappuccino.

“When people order drinks like an extra-hot-skim-decaf caramel latte, that’s not coffee. It’s a hot mess,” Underwood said.

Like many cafes these days, Duluth Coffee Company has its own secret menu.

One of the items on the shop’s secret menu is called clockwork orange. The drink is made up of a 6 oz. espresso with steamed milk, homemade dark chocolate drizzle, orange bitters and black sea salt.

The atmosphere is something that makes this coffee shop stand out.

“Compared to all the chain stores that all look and feel the same, this one is unique to Duluth and has it’s own special feel to it,” customer Jordan Golberg said.

Not only are they unique but they have great coffee as well. “The coffee is fresh and delicious,” customer Morgan Inman said.

Duluth Coffee Co. is just a quick bus ride from campus and offers a welcoming environment for students to study or just take a break from the books and enjoy a coffee.

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