Lake Voice Sports 2015 NBA Draft Big Board 1.0

WILL McDonald’s 2015 NBA Draft Big Board


(No Euros/International players)



Hey sports fans. Here are my non-analytical, big board rankings for the 2015 NBA Draft. No European players… seriously, who has watched them other than on YouTube this year?


No one, huh? Okay, mock drafts should be out this year— just saying. There are too many good international players and that number seems to grow every five years. That Mudiay kid sure is getting a lot of buzz. Stay tuned on my Euros/Internationals Big Board.


Okay, lets get started. Remember this board means best players overall in the draft and it has nothing to do with NBA team needs.



  1. Karl-Anthony Towns (Kentucky, UK)

—Monster out of UK that can do it all. Dunk, post moves, athleticism, pretty decent jumper, and even hits a high % of his free throws. Safest pick in the draft it would seem.

  1. Justise Winslow (Duke)

—Screams Kawhi Leonard. ‘Nuff said.

  1. D’Angelo Russell (The Ohio State University, OSU)

—Fantastic combo guard. We know he is going to be good, but the question with combo guards is how good can you be? I see a more point guardy Monte Ellis.

  1. Jahlil Okafor (Duke)

—I think he belongs even further down the board, but Okafor does bring size and average athleticism. He is so uncoordinated it is mesmerizing and I see him as a Nikola Pekovic. That could be pretty good if he stays healthy.

  1. Willie Cauley-Stein (Kentucky)

—He has good genes. He played football in high school and is often compared to Tyson Chandler. He’s a fan favorite. You won’t have to wait for him like Okafor. Pick and roll nightmare.

  1. Devin Booker (Kentucky)

—This guy is about 6’6” and he has stretches where he won’t miss from 3. He’s quietly athletic, but you’re not fooling as a sleeper. Booker will be an All-Star shooting guard at some point in his career.

  1. Stanley Johnson (Arizona)

—He disappeared in the big tournament games. He certainly played his brand of defense, but no offense against Wisconsin and Butler who don’t have hardly any wing defense. Johnson has a higher ceiling than most are suggesting. He could be a steal as a small-ball 4, especially if he can expand his range and keep progressing his ball handling.

  1. Tyus Jones (Duke)

—WHOA, you all think I’m crazy now. He’s a gamer and if there’s anything I’ve learned over the years it is to slot these guys up a couple spots. He can get bigger, obviously. Jones has a silky smooth jumper and he’s very smart. He is a project, but you’ll be happy you took a chance on him.


All of the above are starters/6th man at some point. Here’s where it gets crazy… yeah, that’s right AFTER Tyus Jones it gets crazy.


  1. Myles Turner (Texas, UT)

—I really like this guy and he could be a steal. Texas was garbage and Rick Barnes may have been struggling with the rumors all year. Turner is going to be a big boy. Could be a less offensively sound Demarcus Cousins.

  1. Kelly Oubre (Kansas, KU)

—Wild with the ball at times and can be competitive at any track meet. Should have stayed one more year.

  1. Frank Kaminsky (Wisconsin, UW)

—Big time offensive machine and he will probably never play NBA-level defense… wow, like the NBA really plays any defense, right? Exactly. He can’t play D, but his range could be unlimited so good luck guarding him.

  1. Kevon Looney (UCLA)

—This guy gives me a headache. Clearly, best suited as small-ball 4, but I don’t think he wants that. He probably thinks he’s Durant when he’s actually Noah Vonleh. Bulk up young man and keep shooting.

  1. Sam Dekker (Wisconsin, UW)

—2 Wisconsin guys in the top 15? Yes. They carried Wisconsin. Traevon Jackson is such a bum. Dekker fades away at times, but so do a lot of scorers in the NBA. Light a fire under this guy and he could be special. There’s lore in Madison that says he took it to LeBron 1 V 1 and held his ground.

  1. Jerian Grant (Notre Dame, ND)

—I’ll admit I was not a fan of this guy in the tournament. He seems selfish with the ball and on a team with so many shooters you should be passing the ball if you are that good with the ball and that fast. Then again, Mike Brey respects you and so did your teammates. He could be great off the bench for the first few years, and if he starts creating then you really have something.

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