UMD students combine learning and giving through online competition

Photo of Clever Card Expansion cards The idea and action of charity comes in a variety of forms all across the board.

For Professor Raymond Jones' entrepreneurship course at UMD, charity gets paired with learning the "ins and outs" of creating, marketing and selling a product.

The students of MGTS 4472: Entrepreneurship, split up into teams to compete in the online VentureChallenge. The site plays host to the teams while tracking their performance and providing tasks for the teams to accomplish.

The teams then battle for first place by earning points for completing the provided tasks, all while selling their product. In the end, all of the team's earnings are donated to the charity of the team's choosing.

One team from the class has created Clever Card Expansion Packs, featuring the Minnesota Nice Expansion Pack. These packs can be used in conjunction with party games such as Cards Against Humanity, Crabs Adjust Humidity or Apples to Apples.

The Minnesota Nice Expansion Pack features 36 cards based on all Minnesota-related items and humor. It features cards such as, "Duck, Duck, Grey ____." and "The Great Halloween Blizzard of '91". The product's website notes that the deck was designed to have a mix of mild-mannered cards and cards that may be considered offensive, and therefore are rated "R".


The Clever Card Expansion Packs team, made up of Jennifer Doebler, Karly Bergstedt, Tyler Crosby, Kaitlin Ditsworth and Krista Anderson, is selling the Minnesota Nice Expansion Pack to raise money for Duluth's Animal Allies.

The team hopes to be able to donate as much as possible to their choice of charity as all the members share a love for animals and the wish to help out a local organization.

The Minnesota Nice Expansion Pack can be purchased for $15 on the Clever Card Expansion Packs website at Additional information can be found on the Clever Card Expansion Packs Facebook and Twitter page.

If you have any questions regarding the Clever Card Expansion Packs you can email the business at

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