Lake Voice News Sports TV (Episode 1)

Well here's our pilot followers.  We go in depth about UMD Baseball, Hellquist's no-no, and of course the NBA/NFL upcoming drafts and NHL playoffs.  Enjoy, comment, and let us know what you want to hear more about.  

Chief Analyst Will McDonald and Chief Analyst Eric Hildestad are happy to present LVN Sports Network, Episode 1.

Thanks to special guest, Tommy Hanson and Analyst Jake Prytarski for joining the show.

For clarification purposes, the opening conversation about "Rec Basketball" pertains to UMD's RSOP and the competitive nature that stirs in its gymnasium.  Also, Brett Ervin was #44 for the UMD Basketball Team and has now used up all his eligibility to play for the Dogs.  Brett comes up early in the conversation as Tommy and I joke a bit.


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