Kevin Garnett left Big Apple for Minneapolis, Big Ticket is Target Center

Kevin Garnett has provided a lot of buzz and maybe some resurgence to a depleted Minnesota Timberwolves team, which has been plagued by injuries almost all season. The prospect of owning the Timberwolves, you could say, hasn’t been this profitable since The Big Ticket left for Boston in 2007. Ricky Rubio (24),Zach LaVine (19), Shabazz Muhammad (22) and the potential face of the franchise Andrew Wiggins (19) are all ripe full of potential and they are drawing a crowd at the Target Center. Belly dancer fan or “Jiggly Boy” and fellow Wolves fans have seen the national spotlight, because the alpha wolf has returned to lead the pack.

“He’s always held people accountable,” said Sam Strom. “You saw he yelled at Pekovic, right? And his donations to the city are huge. a thousand free tickets and one of the college kids up here got one. He’s the best.”

Garnett’s loyalty is apparent and you can tell he appreciates the love from the fans. Garnett waived a no-trade clause in his contract and that meant it was his choice to stay or go. Garnett left the Big Apple for Minnesota and the Timberwolves organization— in the middle of winter no less. His leadership is highly respected and cultivating.

It was reported that Garnett would only play for two teams. Those teams were Minnesota and Brooklyn— Brooklyn was the team that traded him. KG’s contract is up after this season. Funny thing is, he may be here to stay— whether it be as a player or an executive.

He absolutely will not coach!

Garnett has expressed interest in owning a majority stake in the Timberwolves, and while Glen Taylor (Wolves Owner) has said he wants to sell to someone who will keep the franchise in Minneapolis, it is unclear if Garnett has the funds to do so. He has made the most money, as a player, in NBA history and he still probably doesn’t have enough money to gain a majority stake.

“Well I got 10 bucks in my wallet,” said Andy Stukel, bystander at The Other Place Bar & Grill. That should do it, right Glen?

How long will KG have to wait? Is Glen Taylor going to try to make a run with this new, young core the Wolves have or, will KG grab the reins? [Insert unfounded speculation and poorly drawn conclusions here].

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