Local band aims to provide concertgoers with a show, not just music

Bratwurst. No, not that German sausage that you grill up in the summer, but a local Duluth band trying to do something different. The band has been together for somewhere around 16 years now. “A couple hours before a show we do a run through the alley and find new things to play on stage,” said Bratwurst frontman, Tyler Scouton.

That’s what Bratwurst does. That’s what Bratwurst is. They bring to stage “instruments” that may have never been thought to be played— or even see the light of day again. Some instruments in their repertoire includes, metal benches, signs, meat, power tools, the list is constantly growing.

These strange “instruments” are paired with guitars and computer-based electronic back tracks. The band also displays a mix of horror film scenes and random “creepy” advertisements in the background during their show, or as Scouton refers to it, their production.

The band got its start playing house shows and basement gigs around the area, eventually landing a show at a local venue.

“Each show got a little crazier and crazier until it became this giant production of ridiculousness,” explained Scouten, “too many bands play music, not enough bands play shows.”

Lake Voice reporter, Ben Hallamek, sat down with Bratwurst frontman, Tyler Scouton and got the story of Bratwurst.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bratwurst.

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