UMD celebrates International Women’s Day

WRAC hosted UMD’s International Women’s Day last Monday. The Bus Hub was filled with decorations, including white and different shades of purple balloons.

WRAC intern Eva Gallegos explained why events like these are important for UMD students.

“This event brings diversity and knowledge to campus,” Gallegos said.

To celebrate women, the group brought in a variety of performances. There was also a photo booth where attendees could take pictures with their friends and props.

One act was performer Gwen Austin, a senior majoring in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Austin said that events like these are important because they not only support her major, but also raise awareness for WRAC.

Austin has been performing for five years and she uses her talent to write songs that help promote women’s empowerment.

The best advice she has for fellow bulldogs is to use your talent for good.

“People should always look for opportunities to get involved,” Austin said.

WRAC is an on-campus group located in the Multicultural Center. They offer free condoms and a safe place for students to talk about relationships or sexuality. Students can also go there to talk about pregnancy.

WRAC volunteer Hannah Schlader tabled the photo booth. While the day was more about fun, according to Schlader, it was also a learning event to teach people about WRAC and International Women’s Day.

“WRAC is a great resource for anything woman-related,” Schlader said.

One person who went to the event was Idella Sylvah, a senior double majoring in public health and French.

She talked about how events like these are useful for women on campus.

“It’s empowering. It’s positive. It makes me feel happy and appreciated,” Sylvah said.

Sylvah wants bulldogs to know they should take advantage of these opportunities. And as for those who didn’t make it on Monday?

“They missed out on good conversations from women from all over our community,” Sylvah said.


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