Meet The Staff: Reece Lindquist

IMG_0034.CR2 Who am I?

My name is Reece Lindquist. I am a senior at UMD majoring in journalism and minoring in English. Some of my hobbies are pretty much any athletic activity. Although, basketball, lifting and running are my favorites. I also enjoy sitting down and reading a good book, and writing.

My Lake Voice position: Social Media Manager

What interests me?

I love sports of all kinds. Basketball is by far my favorite, but I have been following more hockey in my time at UMD. I now know how to explain the icing penalty to someone! I also love reading. Any horror, mystery or thriller novel as well as a biographical novel will always catch my interest.

Why UMD?

I have visited the Duluth area every so often since I was a child. My family and I used to always visit Gooseberry Falls during the summer to hike and spend a day on the North Shore. I fell in love with the UMD campus when I first came here and I have made so many memories. The great people, and the outdoors environment have been wonderful.

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