Thinking about flying for spring break? You might want to think again.

With everyone talking about how low gas prices have fallen and students getting ready for spring break, we wanted to estimate some travel costs if you chose to go by car.  We started by asking Enterprise what it costs to rent a Chevy Spark, because it gets 39 miles per gallon. They said they charge a base payment of $40 a day and you pay for gas on top of that. The Chevy Spark gets 39 mpg on the highway, which in large part is where the miles are coming from on the bullet list seen below.  The estimated cost of gas does not include the $40 a day variable.  Enterprise also picks you up for free, so the variable is very simply calculated at $40 a day.

Average gas prices per gallon $2.067 (As of 2/3/15)

Duluth to: Miles traveled Estimated cost of gas
  • Los Angeles


2077 miles $: 110.08
  • New York City


1262 miles $: 66.86
  • Panama City Beach, FL


1400 miles $: 74.20
  • Miami, FL


1850 miles $: 98.05
  • South Padre Island, TX


1700 miles $: 90.10
  • Laredo, TX (Southern Border of US)


1557 miles $: 82.52
  • Chicago, IL


468 miles  $: 24.80
  • Vail, CO
1158 miles $: 61.37
  • Phoenix, AZ


1793 miles $: 95.02
  • Panama Canal
4250 miles (San Miguelito) $: 225.25

—All travel estimates (in miles) are according to Google Maps—

Gas prices ($2.06 per gallon currently) haven't been this low since February of 2005, according to, when the national average fell as low as $1.85 per gallon.  You can go all the way down to the Panama Canal for $225.25 if you load up some gas cans into your Chevy Spark.  Point being, there's a life experience waiting somewhere, and the Chevy Spark has sparked my interest.

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