Meet the staff: Mike Bleninger


Who am I?

My name is Mike Bleninger, I was born in Forest Lake MN. in 1993.  I am a senior at UMD majoring in journalism with a communication minor.  I love football and I love news and would love to be able to combine the two in my professional career.  In the future I hop to work as a content editor and curator for websites such as or

What interests me

First and foremost and I am a football fanatic.  Anything and everything from College to the NFL, I love it.  Also I enjoy playing soccer and snowboarding.  I am a very active person and love to be outside playing any sort of game or sport whenever possible.

Why did I choose Duluth?

I choose Duluth because my family used to pass through here on vacations at least twice a year.  I grew up loving Duluth, and the fact that it is such an outdoor town made it that much more appealing.

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