Meet the staff: Joslyn Danielson

IMG_0044 Who am I?

I am a human who loves stories and telling stories. I am currently enrolled at UMD as a Theatre major with a Journalism minor. I believe the combination of these two studies has really helped me to expand my writing to foster my flair for the dramatic.

What Interests Me?

I love beautiful things; beautiful art, beautiful words, beautiful people, and beautiful stories about those beautiful people. My love for these things really drives my writing towards the arts/culture genres. More specific areas include theatre, music, film, poetry, entertainment, painting, media, travel, sociology, and fashion.

Why I Chose Duluth?

I was born and raised in the Duluth area, so I have lived here all my life. I chose to stay and go to college at UMD because of the excellent Theatre and Writing programs. I also have always loved the culture of Duluth. There are so many creative people coming up with new ideas and cool things to do. However one of my main sources of fondness for the area stems from Lake Superior. The lake itself – as well as the cities on the shorelines -- are just beautiful. This has given me the opportunity to save money by living at home, as well as become more involved in my community while starting my own adult life.

Lake Voice Position:

Special Events Coordinator

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