TBA with BSA

UMD’s Black Student Association is planning for success this semester. Though it is still early in the semester, the executive board is preparing for some great events. BSA is all about promoting and celebrating black history, and within these next few months, is planning big.

In the next couple of months BSA will host programs such as Soul Food Dinner, a Date-a-Palooza fundraiser and African Night. BSA also plans on staying involved and connected all throughout February, which is Black History Month.

The Soul Food Dinner will take place on Feb. 14 and will be their first big event. The Valentine’s Day event will include performances, trivia games, prizes and soul food, which is southern African American cuisine.

Marketing and outreach member Abby Ogunkanbi also talks of tweaking the general setup of the club.

“This semester we want to keep people more informed and involved with events,” Ogunkanbi said. “We want the members to have more of a voice.”

The board members are working together to make improvements to BSA.

The number of members has been known to fluctuate in the past, but this semester’s mission is to keep the numbers up and growing.

Ogunkanbi said that she will be more proactive on BSA’s social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, when it comes to recruiting more students.

“We’re going to be doing a lot more this semester,” board member JaVay Barnes said. “We’re just really excited.”

Meetings are set to take place every Wednesday at 6 p.m. this semester. Students can stay alert for upcoming events.


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