MEN'S HOCKEY-The men’s hockey program had a fairly successful first half of the season, ending for winter break with a 58.7 winning percentage and the first half of the season at No. 7 in the country. Since coming back from the winter break, UMD has faltered in a few of their games but if history indicates anything, they shouldn’t have too many issues getting back to consistent wins. For the last three years men’s hockey has averaged above .500 in the second half of the season. MEN'S BASKETBALL-The men’s basketball program didn’t have much of a break, getting only seven days of relief over winter vacation, but they’ve improved slightly to .500 in that time. The Bulldogs are playing a more up-tempo game and are scoring a full 10 points more per game than the 68 they were averaging earlier this season. Coach Matt Bowen said he’ll look to senior Brett Ervin to continue leading the team in points, while hoping for more consistent scoring from his bench players as well.

WOMEN'S HOCKEY-The women’s hockey program has been UMD’s most successful team since winter break, having lost just one of six contests since they started up their unofficial second half of the season. Included in those wins was a 12-0 victory over Minnesota State Mankato last Friday night. Senior defenseman Brigette Lacquette scored a hat trick in that game and goaltender Kayla Black backstopped the decisive victory.

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL-The women’s basketball program has improved their record in the second half, winning 54 percent of their games so far. Like the men’s basketball team, they were given only a short break and have completed nearly two-thirds of their season. With a cumulative record of 11-10, they look to push towards the playoffs as a group with more consistency.

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