UMD passed away

A 23-year-old senior at UMD passed away on Jan. 22 from diabetic ketoacidosis and diabetic shock.Friends described Andrew Doig, a Brainerd native, as a hard worker and a joy to be around. “Andrew was a unique and brilliant individual,” said Brady Roy, a friend of Doig’s. “He brought a deep passion to everything in his life and somehow managed to balance three jobs, a full-time schedule at UMD and an extremely healthy lifestyle. “Some of us dream to be that motivated,” Roy continued. “Andy made it look easy. He was also the type of guy that could always turn your day around, whether it was a simple joke, or his contagious laughter, he could put a smile on your face.” Doig was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a young age, according to Roy. Although he had the disease for the majority of his life, Roy said that the average person would have never guessed it, because Doig was one of the healthiest people that Roy knew. Additionally, Doig reportedly kept “extremely” close attention to his diabetes. “It’s a tragic loss for his family and friends, but we celebrate the amazing impact he had on all of us as well as the endless memories we shared with him,” Roy said. “May he rest in peace.”

Doig was preparing to begin his last semester at UMD. He was planning to study abroad in New Zealand to finish his college career.

BY SAM STROM News Editor

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