Culture Peek No. 3: What has America changed about you?

'What are you wearing?'

Everything dated back to the first time I went home from America. I can still remember the first sentence my mom said to me at the airport: “Sweetheart, what are you wearing?”

That was an awkward moment; nearly everyone turned their eyes on me, precisely, on my clothes. I was wearing a green hoodie, a pair of legging and flip-flops —the most common outfit an American girl wears these days.

“Why you wear leggings as pants?” my mom said in a mocking and embarrassing tune.

That’s true. In most Asian countries, leggings should be worn with skirts, shorts or as layers. The reason is hard explain, but I will say it is impolite to show your butt to others (Because leggings are tight and have no pockets?).

Ever since then, I started to think about how my American experience has changed me. The changes here are not due to growing up, but because of a different culture.

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Out of curiosity, I also wanted to find out the changes of other foreigners. Do they have the same changes as me? What do they feel about being changed by a culture?

One thing about human beings is that they are afraid of changes and might even refuse to accept them. They think they know who they are, but they are so busy with life, work and adapting to new places that they never spend time to look at themselves.

I made this episode out of curiosity and also to help my foreign friends see themselves more clearly.


Meet our special foreign friends from South Korea, India, China, Netherlands, Slovenia and Cambodia in this episode.













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Zhengzheng Gao from China.




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