Love at first bid

“Going once, going twice, sold!” The three words echoed out of the Kirby Ballroom on Wednesday night as male members of Students Today Leaders Forever took the stage for the organization’s first date auction. STLF is a non-profit UMD organization. “This auction will help fund the Pay it Forward tour, give scholarships and help pay for meals on the tour,” Trish Oyaas, an STLF member, said.

The group raised over $500, according to Oyaas.

The Pay it Forward tour is a trip that the group takes over spring break. “It’s a week long trip where we stop at five different cities where students give back to communities across the U.S.,” STLF member Patrick Cauley said.

“None of the guys were forced to do the activity,” Oyaas said with a smile.

One of the guys who volunteered to be auctioned was junior Cord Reno. Reno, who had never participated in a date auction before, described his perfect date.

“We would go bobsledding down Chester, come back to a nice warm house, and watch Netflix and have a home-cooked meal,” Reno said.

Host Jacob Schornak started with the introductions.

Music played as the 12 guys made their way down the runway one at a time to introduce themselves to potential dates.

Schornak had the guys strut their stuff one more time down the runway. After the men did that, they broke into groups of three for an “awkward talent” contest.

The talents ranged anywhere from rapping Nicki Minaj’s hit “Super Bass” to a dance routine and lip sync to a melody of hit songs.

The boys then got to test their favorite pick up lines on a girl from the audience.

Since knowledge is power, the last activity the guys did before they were auctioned off was answering a variety of question within 20 seconds. The questions were things along the lines of “how would you change the education system?”

Finally, it was the moment the audience had been waiting for. With opening bids starting at $2, hands were raised and the bidding began. One by one the guys were auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Some of the ladies shared what they’re looking for an ideal date.

“I’m looking for someone who makes a complete fool of themselves and laughs about it,” senior Bridgett Clarke said.

Freshman Kristina Paumen had her own idea of the perfect guy to date.

“It really depends. I’m pretty old fashioned. I really like chivalry and he needs to be tall because I’m pretty tall,” Clark said.

Saying how much they would bid was a completely different story.

“It depends on how beautiful the person is,” Clarke said.

Freshman Anna Drobnick joked about the amount.

“$20. I’m poor,” Drobnick said.

At $57 Thomas Djerf was the highest bid. Together, Makaila England, Michaela Wurdeman and Miranda Wurdeman bid the money that would get them the date with Djerf.

When it comes to being the highest bid Djerf was shocked. “I’m honestly really surprised. I told everyone I was the black Friday of dates,” Djerf said.

The girls couldn’t disagree more. “It’s awesome. We won the best,” Miranda Wurdeman said.

All of the ladies have decided that they want to go on their date together. They will be going to the Center Court restaurant on campus.

BY TAYLOR JENSEN Arts and Entertainment Editor

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