Senior Spot Light with Desiree Harper

Desiree Harper What is your year and major? Senior, General Studio BFA.

What is your favorite medium to work with and why? My favorite medium to work in is ceramics because I enjoy working with my hands and the malleability that clay has allows for unique textures.

How did you choose the pieces you will be displaying? I have been working with the flower motif since my Ceramics II class at UMD a few years ago. The flowers have evolved drastically since then. The pieces that are featured in the show have been specifically designed to fit the space.

What would you like people to know about your show? I want people to experience an environment when entering my show and I would like people to notice the amount of detail and texture of each piece.

What is one piece of advice you have for incoming art students? Don't limit yourself to one medium of art — explore while you're in school. You may never get another chance to experience and experiment with the mediums offered at UMD.

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