UMD Police to Increase Presence During Winter Months

The UMD Police Department works hard all year, but these coming months may be when students need them the most. It’s the time of the year where students sacrifice the layers in order to fit the scene, but the cold is not something Duluth residents should take lightly. UMDPD is more proactive with the Duluth community in the winter months. Their level of work is maintained, but their mindset changes a bit because they know that the weather is sometimes life-threatening.

The UMD Police Department has a minimum of two patrol officers on duty each night that take 911 calls, according to UMD Police Captain Scott Drewlo. These patrol officers are often on what Drewlo calls unstructured patrol time. During winter, patrol officers spend more time driving through surrounding neighborhoods and checking on students’ welfare during this unstructured time.

Drewlo reported that officers pull out a few students out of snow banks each winter.

“And that’s normal,” he said. “The weather doesn’t have as big of an impact as you would think; people still go out when it’s cold. Students are just taking more a risk when they go out during winter.”

UMD Junior Rachel Moritko notices the way students dress when they go out.

“Often times people will go out without wearing warm layers,” Cook said. “Wearing a jacket out can seem like a hassle because then the student would have to hang on to it all night.”

It’s this dress attire that has gotten students in trouble in the past. Officers patrolling specifically look for students that appear underdressed.

The UMD Police Department also works alongside the City of Duluth’s Police Department. The two departments share the same radio. Both departments conduct work on- and off-campus.

“The work doesn’t end at school boundaries,” Drewlo said.

UMDPD just has more of an on-campus presence.

UMD police also take necessary precautions during winter months and alter their uniform by adding more layers.

Activity doesn’t slow down because the temperature drops. Students can expect an increase in the presence of UMD police officers in the coming months.


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