In case you missed it

icymi Consuming a whole week’s worth of news can be difficult. ICYMI gives readers a chance to discover stories they may have overlooked. ICYMI is produced by Jeremy Schendel and focuses on unfamiliar stories happening around the community. If you have a story, video, picture or podcast you would like to be shared on Lake Voice, feel free to send your submissions to Here is a look at some of the stories you may have missed this past week. 

Snowy weather fuels early Spirit Mountain opening

With a little help from Mother Nature, Spirit Mountain opened earlier than usual this year starting on Saturday, Nov. 15. Spirit Mountain started making snow last Sunday and has been backed by the snowy weather all week. Spirit Mountain has also recently launched a new website, which you can see here: “The Mountain Message” tab is your go-to place for snow conditions, special events and more. They have also released a video which gives you an inside look at the preparations for the 2014-2015 season, along with some additional information. You can see the video on their website here.

Plans for the Lester-Amity Chalet rebirth underway  

Deserted for the past five years, the Lester-Amity Chalet is working with the city of Duluth and volunteers to keep it from being demolished. The building was constructed in 1960 by volunteers. The skiing and mountain biking communities, along with the Hawk Ridge Nature Center, have all played big roles in making the project happen. However, their work is not done. The Lester-Amity Chalet needs additional funding to become operational and completely restore the building as a year-round center for community gathering. You can view more about this story in this video produced by SHOOK Productions.

Duluth methadone clinic cited for 22 violations  


The Duluth methadone clinic is under fire after Minnesota officials found 22 licensing violations. The alleged violations include improperly giving out methadone for take-home use without proper documentation and unauthorized disclosure of client records. The clinic’s license had previously been revoked in August of 2012.

Veterans hit Duluth’s snowy streets for annual parade


Veterans and supporters braved the cold and bad weather to participate in the annual Veterans Day parade on Tuesday. The streets were lined with people showing support by way of waving flags and holding “thank you” signs.

Finding a home for everyone


The UMD Honor Student Association is teaming up with CHUM to address the homelessness and hunger issues in the city of Duluth. The UMD Honor Student Association will assist CHUM with their project of building the Steve O’Neil Apartments, which are dedicated to former or current homeless residents in Duluth.

A chance encounter and nothing more

Classic video game gives enthusiasts a chance to bond, compete