Fired Up

The play “Fired Up: Survivor Stories of Trauma, HOPE and Change” is coming to UMD Wednesday. . Written by Cordela Anderson, the play focuses on stories of child sexual abuse. All stories are based on the real stories of the five actors in the play according to Yvonne Cournoyer, the prevention program manager at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

“The cast is made up of a number of people who are survivors who wanted to use the stories for prevention,” Cournoyer said.

Cournoyer talked about how “Fired Up” is a great opportunity to look at a serious situation through the arts. She also talked about how this helps victims share their stories and how hearing these stories could encourage members on how to help if someone approaches them with their own story.

“I think this play is important because, statistically, child abuse affects a lot of people,” Cournoyer said.

Cournoyer would like to add that the actors in this play do not want to use their stories as a way to gain sympathy for what they went through. Instead, they do it to help get people involved.

“You can literally do anything,” Cournoyer said. “This play could help you tell your own story, it might encourage you to talk to elected officials or even just talking about the play with your family and friends.”

The play has been performed in numerous Minnesota universities and colleges over the past few weeks, including: St. Cloud State, Minnesota State Mankato, Gustavus Adolphus, Minnesota Rochester and St. Thomas. Its last stop will be at UMD.

Hosted by WRAC, “Fired up” will be held in the Kirby Ballroom from 6:30-8 pm.

Marianne Neba, a WRAC intern, has been in charge of hosting the play for students. She thinks “Fired Up” will be important for students to see.

“It makes students aware of the trauma people face with sexual abuse and abuse in general,” Neba said. “It helps give them the knowledge they need.”

BY TAYLOR JENSEN Student Life Reporter

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