Discover Duluth within: East 3rd Street

Many things come to mind when you think of the city of Duluth. Some include Grandma's Restaurant and the Aerial Life Bridge. But some parts of the city go unnoticed. Small local businesses and community neighborhoods make up the rest of this city on a hill. This week’s journey to discover Duluth within takes you along the residential crossroads of 12th Avenue East and 3rd Street, with its variety of neighborhoods, a local bakery and a creek nearby. A neighboring farmer's market also adds to the area.

A few reasons people love this part of town are the awesome view of Lake Superior and the nearby trails. Local residents also explain why they love living in this neighborhood. The sentimental value that the neighborhood has hits home to the residents living here, and gives them the opportunity to shed a positive light on the area.

Adding to the nearby trails and neighborhoods of 12th Avenue East and 3rd Street, Positively 3rd Street Bakery gives this part of town a small local touch of healthy and organic baked goods. It's almost too easy to miss the bright blue and green building right on the corner.

Co-owner Dan Proctor explains when and how the business began, as well as touching on the importance of the products they provide for the community and the customers.

With the local neighborhood and small bakery on the corner, just like these of 12th Avenue East and 3rd Street, stay tuned as we continue to Discover Duluth Within, finding the sentimental value and history of our beloved city on a hill.


If you have any suggestions of where you would like to see us discover Duluth within next, feel free to use the hashtag on social media (#DiscoverDuluthWithin) or post your suggestions in the comments below.

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