Money-Saving App for Students

These days, smart phones play an important role in life. Smart phones can connect you with those around you, tell you the latest news, and even save you money. A new app on the market called RoverTown has come to Duluth. RoverTown is free and local. The app connects with universities around the country and offers relevant discounts at popular businesses. Students who install the app only need to connect through Facebook to see offered discounts in their neighboring area.

Duluth shops such as Domino’s Pizza, Buffalo Wild Wings, Vertical Endeavors and Baja Tanning are among those that feature discounts on RoverTown.

RoverTown is a paperless coupon book. The company coins the phrase, “all of your local student discounts, always in your pocket,” on its website.

UMD Junior Rachel Cook says that RoverTown seems like a great way to see local discounts.

“There are many other ways out there to find discounts,” Cook said, “but it’s cool that RoverTown gives you access to deals at anywhere and anytime.”

The app supports Android and Apple iOS operating systems. Once the app is installed on a device, one only needs to hit the “redeem” button at the time of payment to receive the discount. The discounts are only valid if redeemed in person. It is also recommended you have a student ID. Unless a business or discount indicates it in fine print, students can use their RoverTown student discount as many times as they would like.

The website also allows feedback and student discount suggestions for its new tool. There is more to be learned, and as the app continues to grow, its outreach will, too.


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