Discover Duluth within: 47th Avenue East and Gladstone Street

This week’s journey to discover Duluth within takes you along 47th Avenue East and Gladstone Street, a comfortable and quaint neighborhood tucked back off of Superior Street. Neighbors describe the area to be friendly and close; a lot of the neighbors have lived there for a while, getting new homeowners every once in a while. Finding the sentimental value and history of our beloved city on a hill gets the people of the community excited about learning and exploring new places of Duluth.

Off of Superior Street takes you to North 47th Avenue East and Gladstone Street where residents of Duluth will find a number of local parks, a small market area and a gas station all within a small radius of each other. The sense of community is what neighbors and local business owners appreciate about this part of town.

Earl Sullivan owns the 8th Street Video and Ice Cream Station. He explains his love for his regulars and new coming customers, from the kids coming in after school to the grandparents that come in. Being a video, ice cream and antique store, people get to experience the uniqueness of it.

Previously, Sullivan was the owner of the video store off of 8th street where Toasty's Sandwich and Sub Shop is now open for business. In the new location off of 47th Avenue, Sullivan is now closer to home.

With other locally owned businesses within the community and neighborhoods of Duluth, stay tuned as we continue to discover Duluth within.


If you have any suggestions of where you would like to see us discover Duluth within next, feel free to use the hashtag on social media (#DiscoverDuluthWithin) or post your suggestions in the comments below.

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