Duluth Curling Club offers clinics

  The Duluth Curling Club is offering “Learn to Curl” clinics from October 20-22. Photo courtesy of Kool1017


If you are looking for a new hobby this winter, the Duluth Curling Club might be the place for you.

From Oct. 20-22 the Duluth Curling Club is offering “Learn to Curl” clinics. These clinics run from 6-8 p.m. and offer a fun time for all ages to learn how to curl from some of the best local curlers.

Curling club members and instructors, Kyle Noble and Stuart Noble, have been teaching at the Learn to Curl days for two years and said they are excited about how the club has been growing in recent years.

“It’s always a fun time. We get about 50-100 people to come out during the weekend, and they learn to curl and hang out,” Kyle Noble said. “There’s a big social part to it, too. Families come out, learn to curl and have a good time."

Stuart Noble shared a little about what goes on at the event.

“We usually get people into groups of about 10. We take them out onto the sheet and show them the rocks and teach them how to play.”

Added Kyle Noble: “The main goal is to get everyone to throw a few rocks and see if they can land one in the ‘rings,’ which we call the house. We make everyone try, and it’s fun watching them get the hang of it.”

The club has everything that you will need to start your new hobby curling, and they aim to make it an enjoyable experience.

“We have all the shoes, pads, rocks; we just want people to learn the game and have fun,” Stuart Noble said. “We get people to play a game their first day, and we love turning people from beginners to members.”

The Duluth Curling Club has something to offer to people of all ages. For more information and to sign up for the Learn to Curl event, visit duluthcurlingclub.org.

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