Life of pig: Local family learns to live with newest member

Dexter is a three-year old potbelly pig. As a pet of a local Duluth family, Dexter shows people life is not only cuteness.  

You can never expect what will walk into your life and how it will influence your life. The Blackwells, a young couple living in the rural area of Duluth, welcomed a new member to their family -- Dexter the pig -- three years ago. From a seven-pound, tiny piglet to a 165-pound healthy young boy, Dexter has brought the family surprises, happiness, difficulties and opportunities for critical thinking.

Watch the video of the Blackwell family and find out what life means to a pig.

As it is Dexter’s first winter in Duluth, we would like to hear your suggestions on how to keep pigs warm during the winter. Please contact us at


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