All Pints Brew Fest is for beer lovers

SONY DSC All Pints Brew Fest at Bayfront Park went on for its third year this summer. The event which hosted by the Brewers Guild of Minnesota, was attended by over 3,500, from all over the state, with some traveling out of state to attend.

Sixty six breweries, from both the local Duluth area, state wide, and some out of state set up tents and their own specialty brews. They gave out samples to everyone who has decided to come out and share their love for beer.

The breweries in attendance are picked first from the membership of breweries with the guild, and after that others nationally are picked as well.

Amanda Buhman, who works with the brewers guild, is festival coordinator for the event and was happy with how the event turned out.

"The city of Duluth is wonderful, they provide tons of support and it's a beautiful area," Buhman said.


There's more to do than just drink beer at the festival. There is live music, food from the local areas in Duluth, and games set up by breweries, so that enthusiasts can enjoy the company of others as well as their beer.

Enki Brewing, which is based out of Victoria, Minn., attended All Pints for its first year this summer.

Jason Davis, the brewmaster at Enki, enjoyed the event thoroughly.

"People are from all over, coming together and traveling for the event," he said. "Everyone likes good beer. It's all about the community here. It's great."

There were plenty of others there to back him up on those claims who also were enjoying the festival, including Jacob Zikmund, who was participating in the event with his friends and also used to work at a craft brew bar.

"Beer is a no brainer," Zikmund said. "It's my first year here and I would definitely come back. It's sweet that breweries that you see in bars are able to cooperate with each other to put on an event like this."


Besides just enjoying the beer and the sense of community there are more reasons that breweries enjoy coming together.

Mike Connelly is with Lift Bridge Brewing which is out of Stillwater, Minn., and also finds enjoyment just being able to connect with other breweries in the state.

"On Friday we had speakers and conferences to go over the event. After that we get to connect with other breweries and bounce ideas off of each other, and other day to day stuff, which is nice," said Connelly.

The Brewers Guild also puts on two other festivals each year called Winterfest and Autumn Brew Review. They also host a one week-long event in the spring called 10,000 minutes of Minnesota Craft Beer.


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