Drones, a new take on advertisement

10495825_10152153043317553_2440465072230852724_o Drone Star is a advertising company co-owned by Riley Peterson and Clayton Schnell. The pair are looking at providing unique advertising opportunities to businesses in Duluth area and hope in the long run to be able to expand their brand into other areas across the United States.

The two got interested in drones after seeing what other people were doing with their personal drones and then asked themselves about what they could do if they had a drone of their own.

"The passion that motivated us to start this company came from the desire to give back to Clayton's hometown Duluth, combined with our enjoyment of the outdoors and cinematography," said Peterson.

The company's goal is to provide unique advertising for companies through high definition photos and videos.

The process works by mounting a 14 megabyte camera to the drone, which is then run by hand from either Peterson or Schnell. Through this they can do either photos or videos depending on what type of advertisement is wanted by the business.


With the drones ability to get to otherwise unreachable angles, images that come out of a set are breathtaking views of Duluth that cannot be found anywhere else.

"Business is going great so far," said Peterson. "We have received nothing but praise and support. We are in contact with numerous local businesses and the locals have been very receptive."

Duluth has the luxury of so many businesses in one area and some great views at the same time. The two could not have picked a better place to begin their business.

For more information on Drone Star and how to use their services people are welcomed to visit their official website.

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