Chasing summer: Life on "The Lake"

Fish Lake Most of those who live in Minnesota know about life on the lake. The smell of burning cedar and the air surrounding the docks, it reminds them of just a small portion of the memories that Minnesotans have when they're grow up.

It goes without saying that those who are here for summers in Duluth are no different from the rest, and have their own reasons and favorite activities to do on the lake.

There are tons of things that people can do on the lake this summer and with Duluth being located around a multitude of lakes, people have a lot of options to choose from.  Boating and fishing are just a couple of the many things that lake goes choose to spend time doing.

Willie Winklesky, Bryan Wick and Josh Olsen all chose to enjoy the beautiful weather at Lake Superior on Wednesday.

“With any hint of weather this nice and any free time, we come out to enjoy the lake,” said Winklesky.


The weather along with other factors brings people out to enjoy their favorite activities.

“The sun, this weather, volleyball, the occasional trip on the jet-ski. Days like this make it feel like summer,” said Wick.

Others prefer the lake life and choose to enjoy it in other ways. On the clear and calm days there are those who enjoy the more relaxing approach to lake life, which usually involve fishing, boating, and camping.

Kevin Tarnowsky, Ben Ahrens, Brady Homes, and Craig Johnson are just a few of those who enjoy those simple things.

The group of guys also enjoy reminisce about going to Island lake north on Rice Lake road and others such as Schults Lake.

Craig who was the outings most successful fisherman of the crew fishing on the shore, enjoys the walleye and anything else he can snag, while he is hanging out with all of his buddies enjoying his time relaxing.

Island Lake

“We like to go out and swim to the island across the lake occasionally,” said Tarnowsky. “Out there we can spend our day swimming, fishing, and swinging on the huge rope swing that is set up out on the rocks."

With all of his buddies all nodding in agreement and there is nothing that better describes the feeling that they all have about their summer lake life together.

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