Summer vacation on Lake Michigan

After driving through Wisconsin and a short ferry ride into Lake Michigan, you can find yourself at Washington Island. One of many along the the coast of Lake Michigan. The Island itself is home to around 600 residents year round, and during summer months the population on the island increases with people coming from all over the state to stay for the weekend.

One of many of the smaller cabins that populate the island

For people from Duluth, it's a great place to get a chance to relax and have some time to alone, or with family or friends. Families are able to spend quality time with their family for the summer which is hard to get during a busy school year. It allows visitors to have the cabin-like drive, but without all of the stress that comes along with it. Everyone that you meet on the island are some of the nicest people that you will have the pleasure of meeting, and are always passing out smiles and friendly conversation. Many of them have lived on the island for there whole life and others are recent members who have decided to live on their own small slice of heaven.

With all this in mind and the islands small population, some people could say that there is not much to do, or that they will find themselves to become bored while on vacation, but that is not the case. There are kids who get jobs for the summer working on the island repairing cabins or doing many of other small summer jobs, roofing and dock work to name a few, and they aren't the only ones there to work for the summer. The locals who live there all can be found working at more than the first one you meet them at.

If you work at the bar, you might also work at the recreation center or for the ferry service. For those who want to see what the island has to offer there are certainly other things that are available. There are beaches, parks, hiking trails and much more that are available to everyone that decides to explore the island. The lavender farms and grape farms help with the making of the islands own homemade alcohol. Which, for the most part consists of gin and vodka, can be picked up in most of the islands own liquor stores or shops. People can also go check out some of the antique stores and local bars to get more of a feel for the island.

The rec center welcomes whoever wants to use it. It has a pool and hot tub, exercise equipments, and also sporting fields of any kind nearby for the public's use. Which is next to the facilities you can almost always find a daily pickup game of soccer or basketball. Of course since Washington Island is on Lake Michigan, there is a huge market for salmon fishing, and any fishing in general. There are charters that can be hired to take you and your family out. Being on Lake Michigan means that much of what is going on the island can be based in the water.

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