Meet the Staff: Alyssa Justice

1454844_10152412163338989_880238693_nWho am I? My name is Alyssa Justice and I am a senior at University of Minnesota Duluth. I am majoring in digital arts and photography and minoring in journalism. I am from the Twin Cities area but have a real love for traveling. I am also very passionate about art and the outdoors. I enjoy sharing these passions with the people in the community. What interests me? I have always been interested in other people and who they are. I think that now a days people are so obsessed with the Internet, a lot of people don’t know how to hold conversations with strangers, and that is something I love to do because it allows me to learn about someone I don’t know. I remember going to the grocery store as a kid and holding conversations with strangers as my mom was trying to get me to follow her to the check out line. I laugh now because I see her holding conversations much like I do in grocery stores.

Why I chose Duluth? As a child I grew up traveling to the Duluth area most weekends in the fall. As I got older I knew that Duluth was the place for me. I love hiking and running and being so close to the lake. So, I decided that UMD was the perfect fit.

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