#Five3Duluth brought Duluth together

On May 3, we here at LakeVoice news brought the community together through social media with our Five3Duluth event. We asked people to tweet, Facebook and Instagram at hashtag #Five3Duluth their sportiest, dirtiest outdoor, and most cultural photos, with the promise that the best in those categories would be featured on the front page of LakeVoice. People from all over Duluth came together and shared what it means to be a Duluthian, in turn chronicling May 3, 2014 for Duluth's records. The response from the community was amazing. With over 700 tweets over all and a few hours where we were clocking in at over 100 tweets an hour, we received submissions from all sorts of people, doing all sorts of things.

While we got lots of tweets about the Homegrown Music Festival, we also received pictures of people just hanging out at home, eating dinner, seeing a movie or attending theater events. And while many of the people tweeting were students, a fair share were Duluth community members tweeting about their birthday dinner at Duluth Grill, like Haley Rogers or raking the leaves from their yard like Cheryl Reitan.

The two top posters, other than our own staff and The UMD Statesman, were Christyn Buchholz, who tweeted multiple times not only about what she was doing that day (junk hunt anyone?) but also asking others to participate with us, and Kevin Jacobsen who spent the day sending LakeVoice pictures of his day out in Duluth.

Once the day was done, it wasn't over. Lake Voice still had to pick the winners of the sportiest, dirtiest outdoors and most cultural categories and we had to make sure we aggregated it perfectly. The final product and perfect summary of the day can be found here.

What social media theme do you want to participate in next?

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