Duluth's effect on your vehicle

IMG_4018 The last thing anyone wants to hear is that there is a problem with their vehicle. That check engine light just popped on, you smell burning oil, and what is that grinding noise!? The Duluth winter is hard on Duluth roads, and Duluth roads are hard on any vehicle. Potholes, hills, snowbanks, and Ice are all enemies of your vehicle, and there are a lot of those enemies in Duluth.

My personal vehicle is in the shop as I am writing this. Seven hundred dollars later and I will have my truck back. Ouch! After personally experiencing Duluth related vehicle problems, I am curious just how bad Duluth really can be on a vehicle.

“Oh Duluth is extremely hard on any car,” said Cisco Hayward, an auto service manager at Firestone automotive.

According to Hayward, Duluth’s roads are hazardous to your vehicle in all of the seasons, with winter conditions exacerbating problems. As anyone will know, icy roads can cause many issues.

“People are sliding because of bad tires or just bad traction,” Hayward said. “They can slide into potholes, curbs, and other vehicles.”

Potholes and curbs seem to cause many issues when vehicles collide with them. These bumpy collisions can create on-going issues or can stop your vehicle dead in its tracks.

“I have seen balancing problems, vibrations, bent parts, and tires blown,” Hayward said. “Those are the most common because of hitting potholes.”

Some people overlook the effects of steep inclines that many Duluth roads will have on a vehicle. Traveling up and down these hills puts a strain on multiple parts of your vehicle.

“The hills are really hard on brakes and transmissions.” Hayward said.

Although the wear and tear of your vehicle is often times unavoidable, there are a few steps that drivers can take to avoid more costly repairs. Having a reliable mechanic and getting your vehicle checked out regularly will often save you in the long run.

“You really should keep up on maintenance,” Hayward said. “Fix it before it breaks instead of after.”


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