Paint your own bowl night


IMG_3359 My sister, Courtney Jensen, came with me to try out paint your own bowl night. We had a great time. Shown here is her watermelon bowl. Photo by Taylor Jensen.

Walking into Duluth Pottery in Superior, two tables are surrounded by chairs and covered in art supplies. People sit around talking and enjoying the company while painting different designs and patterns onto baked bowls.

After interviewing Karin Kraemer, the owner of Duluth Pottery, I decided I had to try out paint your own bowl night.

Paint your own bowl night is an event that Kraemer does that supports the Empty Bowl Event. The Empty Bowl Event supports the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.

The rules are simple: come in and sit down. Then start painting a bowl.

“I always try to contribute at least 200 bowls,” Kraemer said.

According to Kraemer, a person can either buy their bowl for $20 or they can donate it to the Empty Bowl Event. Either way the proceeds go to the Empty Bowl.

Kraemer’s studio is open for paint your own bowl night every Wednesday from noon to around 6 p.m. This will exclude March 19. It will end the first Wednesday of April.

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