Meet the staff: Zack Webster

RatFQHjgOdactSpT6Rizg6B5BMmAxkspXu6ztN7qjz653TG5HO4wt5az_004 Who am I?

My name is Zack Webster and I am just about the least extraordinary person you are ever likely to meet. I’ve never done anything particularly noteworthy, I’ve never held particularly strong beliefs, and I don’t have very lofty goals. If I can make a living and keep doing the things I love to do than I can consider myself happy. Some people call it pessimism, some call it depressive realism. I just think people love “isms”, lets them not have to think too hard.

What I do like are video games. And movies. And books. In fact, I’ll take storytelling in any form at any time as long as it’s worth telling. I also love to write and tell stories, though admittedly I don’t do it as often as I like or feel I should. But I think stories are magical things. They turn the mundane into something profound. They turn the tedium into excitement. In short, they turn the ordinary extraordinary.

I’m no athlete but I can throw a Frisbee alright. I’m no outdoorsman but I’ll sit around a bonfire. I won’t survive any apocalyptic scenario but they sure are interesting to explore. And I’m not the most interesting guy at the party but if you want to talk I’ll listen. Might not have anything to say, but at least I got halfway there.

My Lake Voice Position

I’m one of the content editors, so if there is anything wrong with anything you see here let me know, because that’s on me. In an age where Orwellian Newspeak is less a fictional, dystopic means of controlling the masses and more a frightening parallel to our reality, it will be good to remember how the English language is actually supposed to work. We aren’t above mistakes here, but we’ll get them when we find them.

Why Duluth?

Necessity. You know how it goes, you apply to a few places for college and a few send you “No thanks” and a few don’t. So nearly four years later, here I am. Duluth doesn’t really register a response with me. It reminds me of most places in Minnesota: Its cold more often than it is warm and I spend most of my time inside.

Now that’s just me. In my short time here I have seen a passion for this city more so than my hometown or towns like it. The people here seem to love being here and I’ll admit that I can see why sometimes. The town is gorgeous almost any way you look at it and living near a lake that pretty much doubles as an ocean has some benefits. The town seems to offer a lot more than I give it credit for and hopefully I’ll come around to that way of thinking.

That or it’s something in the water. Seriously, Duluth has the most delicious water I have ever had.

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