UMD stays open for most of Tuesday despite snow

1484204_2968672777217_168178203_nSnow piles onto UMD's welcoming sign soon making it barely visible. Photo by Scot Michael Bloomquist

Students at UMD are making their way through the snow in hopes to make it to class on time, despite the blizzard-like weather.

School today may have come as a surprise to students and faculty, especially after finding out that most schools in the area were either closed or having a 2-hour late start.

Most students, like Nathan Pratt, a junior majoring in Marketing at UMD, seem excited to have the snow and are eager to go out and enjoy it.

“I love the snow,” said Pratt. “I’m from Duluth; I love it for activities.”

Andrea Smith, a senior at UMD studying Biology and Pre-Dentistry says, “I’m happy for the snow just because I like snow for Christmas, but I don’t like to be out there and shoveling and I’m sure my car is out there and very stuck.”

Though these students are loving the snow, they also take others’ safety into consideration.

Sam McMullen, a senior at UMD studying Communication Sciences and Disorders, is worried about students getting to and from school.

“I think we should have had a two hour late start,” said McMullen. “If it’s supposed to be worse then today then I think it should be closed for people’s safety.”

“I think it should be closed because no one came to school today and it was hard for me to get out of my house,” said Pratt.

A snow day has been issued at UMD starting Tuesday Dec. 3 at 5:00 p.m. and all day Wednesday Dec. 4. Students already have plans for the cancelled classes.

“I’ll be doing homework for a majority of the day,” said McMullen. “Maybe if I could make it to Spirit I’ll try, but I probably shouldn’t be driving.”

“I’ll go to Spirit, ski, have a snowball fight, make a fort; fun stuff,” said Pratt.

Julia Minart, a sophomore at UMD studying Cellular Biology and Pre Pharmacy said, “I’ll be studying Chem., shopping and making Christmas presents.”

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