Photo of the week: "Duluth's eyesore" and last week's photo recap


As we all know, Duluth is such a photogenic city; why not share the pictures you take? Lake Voice is collecting content based on a weekly theme we choose for our Photo a Week Project. At the end of the week, we choose a winner and share your photo on our own social media sites. The point is to capture Duluth in as many photos that fit each category, and to get our readers and community members involved.

This week’s theme:

Eyesores of Duluth

Use the hash tags #DuluthEyesore or #LakeVoice this week to share your pictures of eyesores around DuluthThe Riverdale Press and its own rendition of the weekly eyesore photo contest inspired this week's theme. 

This can include anything you find not so appealing about Duluth including (but not limited to):  the litter, pot holes, or temperature. Have fun and get creative.

How to get involved:

  1. Take any pictures that fits the theme and post it on your Twitter or Instagram accounts.
  2. Tag @LakeVoiceNews or use our specific hashtags on your post.
  3. Stay tuned on our website and Twitter account to see if your picture is our winner.

 If you have any suggestions for any themes, let us know. You can email us or tweet to us @LakeVoiceNews.


Here are the photos using out hash tags from last week. Thank you everyone for your contributions.



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