CHUM celebrates 40 years of service


Several speakers went in front of the packed house to talk about what they've overcome and how they're associated with CHUM. To hear the stories of the homeless in the community click here Photo by Daniel Badhwa

CHUM, a local organization that provides assistance to the homeless and others in need celebrated 40 years of service at First United Methodist Church on Tuesday.

31 churches and 293 total people were in attendance Tuesday, some from as far away as the Twin Cities. All were there to hear about what CHUM has accomplished and is planning on accomplishing.

“I see people every day with more issues than I can believe,” said Christine Attila, pastor at Our Savior Lutheran Church. “Working with them is part of my calling.”

Attila continued to describe how she came to the event to get fired up about issues so she can relay that in her sermons to get others excited about the same issues.

People of faith working together to provide necessities, foster stable lives and organize for a just and compassionate community is CHUM’s mission statement. And serving people is something CHUM has done a significant amount of over the years.

“There was amazing attendance,” said Kevin Johnson, a former local drug dealer now working as a community activist. “It was awesome to see all the people who participate with CHUM.”

People helping people in life together simply sums of what CHUM is looking to accomplish.

“The more people that are aware of the problems in Duluth makes more people who can help,” Donn Hawn said.

All photos and video by Daniel Badhwa

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