Lake Voice's new attack on stories and social media

Online social media sites have taken over as the new way to communicate. With billions of users, one can’t imagine not being involved in the world of social media. It seems as though by logging into Twitter or browsing through Reddit, we can find out what is happening in the world around us. This generation is more connected into social media than any other to date. Millennials and those subsequently will be born into a world more consumed and customary to technology and online networking.

In Duluth, we see national and global evolution of social media everyday firsthand. Duluth East’s Homecoming theme this past week was based around social media. The student government made a video spoof of three students getting trapped in the world of social networking and only being able to escape after realizing that these websites should not be something that is all consuming.

Watch East High School's Homecoming video here

(Video Submitted by Maddison Nachtsheim)

Here at Lake voice, we are using social media to our advantage. This year more than ever we are learning and implementing new techniques to not only reach our readers but to get them more involved using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Rebel Mouse, another networking site we are utilizing this year. It resembles Pinterest, in that it’s like a blog-- collecting the images, links, Tweets and other content from all of our social media sites and puts it all together on one page.

It’s called crowdsourcing. It’s the practice of obtaining ideas and content by asking for contributions from large groups of people or the public.

Throughout the next few months, we are continuing to take advantage of all these social media websites and getting our readers more involved in our content every which way possible. We are using our Twitter to let readers know of events happening every week. We are also using Instagram to post interesting things that the staff are up to and fun pictures from around Duluth. Keep a look out for new updates on our twitter and Instagram everyday @LakeVoiceNews.

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