My spooky first trip to Glensheen Mansion

010b191a001ea839f4e463a4da52d9e6697f3c5594 Although I am (technically) a grown up, my mind hasn’t quite made it past 6 years old. I love to color and shiny things are the bomb. Needless to say, when I was invited to see the Glensheen Spooktacular I was pretty pumped. Who wouldn’t want to see 1,000 lit up pumpkins in one place?

Before I left to go, I read up on Glensheen. I’ve never actually been there before and I’m not from the area so I don’t know anything about it.  However, I’ve always been interested. I quickly learned that it was built in 1905, and Chester and Clara Congdon spent $854,000 to build the mansion and the main house has 15 bedrooms and fireplaces--a big place for a lot of pumpkins.

I’ve driven by the mansion multiple times and I’ve always thought that it’s absolutely gorgeous. I wasn’t surprised to learn that it has been showcased in numerous movies, including “You’ll Like My Mother.” It has also been featured on A&E, on the show “America’s Castles” and it has also been on “True Crime.”

I knew the house had a spooky history, but I didn’t know that Elisabeth Mannering Congdon and her nurse Velma Pietila had been murdered there. Luckily for me, I had spent the afternoon watching “Supernatural” alone before heading to a mansion that is, apparently, famously haunted.

My spooktacular evening was definitely spooky. I arrived around 7:45 p.m. and met up with my friends. It was nice and dark, and chilly enough that I was wearing a hat and extra layers. We started walking along a dark path, lit by some of the different pumpkins.


There were all kinds, but I knew it was going to be a good night when I saw a minion.


The path wound around and through the house. It took me through the gates of the estate, where I saw the mansion for the first time in the coolest view ever.

photo 2

After that, it led me into the house where I saw a séance led by pumpkins. After following the path farther, I found this cute puppy.


After that, I discovered the pumpkin graveyard.


Even Pacman  and friends showed up for some fun.


At the end of the path, I found a bunch of fire pits set up for people to warm their hands. Popcorn was for sale, and s’mores were available for people.

Obviously, I could not pass up a s’more, even though I’ve never mastered the art of making them. Somehow, I managed to set one of my marshmallows on fire and leave the other one cold in the middle, but still worth it.

When I was through with the evening, I had decided I need to line the path to my bathroom with pumpkins so I can stop walking into so many walls at night. Even though I couldn’t get a picture of every pumpkin, I found my favorites to share.

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