Crime Beat

On Oct. 29, officers were dispatched to Griggs N in response to reported drug use. Someone saw two males snorting powder and called the police to report drug use. It’s unclear whether the complainant was spying on them or not. The powder turned out to be candy, but both alleged candy-snorters were issued citations for underage drinking. Earlier in the evening at the men’s hockey game, there was a male in the student section with a suspicious-looking container. Police spotted his container, which was later found to contain a mixture of alcohol. Police issued him a citation for underage drinking.

On Saturday, there were six instances of underage drinking; two of the cases led to stints in detox.

The first detox case occurred at the men’s hockey game. Early in the game, police noticed an intoxicated 23-year old male student in the stands. Although of legal age, officers booted him on account of his intoxication. Undeterred by rule of law, this man managed to slip past AMSOIL Arena’s security systems and get himself back into the game. His intoxication became more problematic upon re-entry, and police decided to escort him to detox. This decision proved unfortunate for escorting officers, as the student chose to flout societal norms and evacuate his bowels during the ride.

Early Sunday morning, a female resident was found passed out in a Griggs hallway. Unable to care for herself, she was taken to detox and given an underage consumption ticket. According to police, the student is currently averaging about one underage citation per month.



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