Break up your workday for Tai Chi at the Lotus Center Tuesdays

Tai Chi as a martial art can be practiced in many forms: meditation, relaxation, self-defense and for health benefits. Matt Stremcha stumbled upon a Tai Chi class in college back in ’98 and was hesitant to try at first. He says that there is no formal curriculum because there are so many variations, which is why you can be an instructor at anytime. “My favorite thing about Tai Chi is that it can be so many things,” said Stremcha. "It can be an exercise if you move faster, and meditative when you move slower. It is a martial art that can be practiced as a group or solo. It requires no equipment except the body and can be done for any period of time.”

During the class, Stremcha reminded his students, Bob Magnuson and Peter Krause, that they can practice what they learn in class at home, even during commercial breaks while watching television.

“Many of the moves change based on your abilities, everyone does the moves differently and that’s okay,” said Stremcha. “Keeping the class small helps me to give more personal lessons and I enjoy that.”

Lunch Break Tai Chi is held as a class in the Lotus Center above the Global Village in Downtown Duluth on Tuesdays from 12- 12:30 p.m.

This video is a preview of what to expect during Stremcha’s class

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