Laughter yoga uses positive energy to lift spirits

The combination of laughter and yoga bring about a better wellbeing. The idea behind laughter yoga is that the chemicals in the body brought out by laughter are the same whether the laughter is improvised or situational.


Yoga North Duluth is now offering the class Laughter Yoga for the first time, taught by certified instructor Jessica Neiding.


“I like to think that life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” said Neiding. “I like that this class puts you out on the edge. Laughing comes easy to me, that’s why I love this class. I am always giggling.”


The class begins with a short reading on how laughter yoga had begun and the science behind the awkwardness. It is emphasized on positive energy and relaxation through yogic breathing and laughter.

Throughout the course Neiding gives the class silly situations that they improvise keep the laughter coming. It can be weird or forced at first, however, you begin to laugh because it is funny to hear others.


“I am someone who has a hard time coming out of their shell,” said Cassie Miller, first time laughter yoga participant. “This class helps because everyone is laughing. It is weird at first, but the more you get into it the more fun you have.”


Cyndy Patsche, a regular participant at Yoga North Duluth, tried the class out as well. “I had tried a laughter yoga class in the twin cities, but this one was a little different, said Patsche. “I enjoyed the laughing session and the meditation at the end.”


Laughter yoga classes typically last about 45 minutes. Neiding teaches laughter yoga on Sundays at Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church in Duluth, Minn. You can connect with Neiding on her Facebook group page, Laughter Yoga Duluth. Laughter Yoga will be coming back to Yoga North Duluth on Dec. 19, 2013.


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