Crime Beat

On Oct. 11, a female UMD student was struck in the head with a hockey puck at the men’s game at AMSOIL Arena. Also at the game, someone was caught drinking from a flask. He wasn’t a UMD fan, according to police. He was ejected from the arena after being issued a citation for underage drinking. He is less of a fan now. Elsewhere in Duluth, there was a burglary. A student left his Griggs L dorm unlocked and his friends robbed him, taking pretty much everything of non-sentimental value. The police swiftly responded with an investigation. It was later called off once the student’s friends realized how much trouble they were in and subsequently spilled the beans. The angry student who was robbed did not press charges.

Later Friday night, an officer driving near Oakland Apartments overheard a screamer. A man was shouting, disturbing the peace. The officer later determined him to be drinking while underage. He was issued a citation and promptly shut up.

Saturday saw heavy drinking, with police taking two people to detox. The first case came at around midnight. At the Kirby Plaza bus stop, a male St. Scholastica student tipped off police by falling into a pole, presumably an attempted lean gone horribly wrong. The good news is that he probably didn’t feel anything, since his BAC was 0.21.

The second detox case occurred at that crime beat hotspot, Griggs Hall. This time in E. And this time it was a female UMD student. There was nothing of note, other than her BAC of 0.245.

On Sunday evening, a community service officer spied several males who were getting ready to smoke marijuana in the woods near a parking lot. Only a few people know which parking lot and only the community service officer knows exactly how he knew it was marijuana they were about to smoke. According to official police reports, officers arrived before the males managed to spark up. The community service officer was vindicated when police issued one of males a citation for possession.

On Monday, police received several frantic calls asking for help. A male student had locked himself out of his car. Despite asking several times where the vehicle was, police were unable to locate the student or his car. This was because the vehicle and its stranded driver were at UMD, also known as the University of Maryland.



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