Top burgers of the Northland

Big Daddy's Burgers

There's nothing like biting into the seemingly perfect burger. This simple yet delicious dish can be found on menus of the most run down bars to the classiest of restaurants because seriously, who doesn't enjoy a good burger?

When looking for a good burger most of us are searching for something better than a run-of-the-mill fast food burger. At Lake Voice, we're looking for some of the best burgers the Northland has to offer.

Below are a list of bars and restaurants visited by Lake Voice news reporters and a recollection of their experience's.

Billy's Bar

3502 W Tischer Rd Duluth, MN 55803

Sam Cochrane


Billy's is much more of a bar than it is a restaurant. At the presumed lunch rush, the place was deserted besides an old couple that looked like they've sat at the same booth every day for years.

The service, however, was great. Delivery was timely, and there was also a massive television; it was an overall a very pleasant experience.

Each burger was fairly standard. The food was good, although may not be worth the eight or nine dollar price which includes a choice of fries or sweet potato chips.

Billy's may not be the number one burger around, but if you want a pleasant restaurant experience with good burgers and beer then Billy is your guy.

Big Daddy's Burgers

2828 Piedmont Ave Duluth, MN 55811

Irene Hanson

Big Daddy's Burgers2

Big Daddy’s Burgers off of Piedmont Ave. in West Duluth offers some large and in charge burgers with a meal definitely worth your money.

This little hole-in-the-wall diner is known for their fresh, never frozen, patties and their heaping mountains of french fries. If you’re looking for a challenge Big Daddy’s is the place to go. They have massive burger challenges that could get your face on the wall of fame.

Though you might not get a table right away in their small restaurant, consisting of about 10 tables, you can have a seat at their diner counter and watch the cooks prepare your food right before your eyes. Big Daddy’s has all types of burgers from patty melts, olive burgers and even pizza burgers.

However, the burgers aren’t the only highlight of this joint . Their enormous helpings of hand-cut fries will have you waddling out the door (if you can finish them all).

Anchor Bar

413 Tower Ave Superior, WI 54880

Daniel Badhwa


Cheap, greasy and delicious, that sums up the Anchor Bar in Superior, Wis. This hole in the wall bar in a semi-industrial neighborhood has been family owned since 1977.

The interior of the dimly lit bar is packed with old trinkets and filled with about 10 tables, nothing of which looks to have changed for decades.

A look at the 20 burger menu shows prices topping out at $6 for a full pound behemoth with cheese named the Gallybuster. Most of the burgers are one-third pound patties on a warm toasted bun with a choice of raw or fried onions. Prices for these burgers range between $3 and $4.50 and make it worth the trip alone. With options as simple as a cheeseburger, to burgers as odd as a cashew burger, the Anchor satisfies just about any pallet. Although up to a 35 minute wait may be painful, where the Anchor lacks in service it makes up for in taste. The grueling wait is all worth it after that first artery-clogging bite.

The California burger and Hawaiian burger, pictured above, both cooked to perfection, are reminders of what a good traditional burger should look and taste like. Even though neither burger brings any surprises to the table, they offer everything a burger enthusiast would be in search for.

The bar attracts a huge age range depending on time from young to old because, well, who doesn't enjoy a greasy delicious burger?



7 West Taphouse

7 West Superior St. Duluth, MN

Tony Schmitt

7 West Taphouse Burger

The 7 West Taphouse offers many burgers that many may not consider typical. From the Cream Cheese N' Olive burger to the Taco burger, 7 West Taphouse satisfies the most outgoing of burger lovers with an even more satisfying price.

Claiming to be the home of the beer-burger 7 West offers an alluring menu. Along with their burgers 7 West has a long list of craft beer to make even the biggest of beer snobs happy.

For the price, atmosphere, and taste, 7 West Taphouse drives it home.

After sipping on your favorite beer you get the opportunity to order one of the many beer-burgers. The Sugar Daddy burger, pictured above, is a juicy burger covered in brown sugar coated bacon and smoked cheddar.

Once they order customers have the opportunity to watch their burger be prepared on a grill behind the bar. Everything appears to be made fresh even the fries are sliced from fresh potatoes, all within site. The service is relatively fast: approximately a 15-minute wait is left to endure before having the opportunity to sink your teeth into a delicious burger.


Breeze Inn

5168 Jean Duluth Rd MN 55803

Kim Hyatt


I’ve heard of the Breeze Inn, but misunderstood or under-appreciated the always positive reviews from family and friends. Wandering out into the woods, my friend and I visited the somewhat hidden gem on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to find out what all the hype is about—soon realizing the hype given isn’t quite enough.

The autumn themed décor of the restaurant and bar reflected the fresh bright colors especially evident that day, and everyone responded to such calming weather with a cold beer and burgers at Breeze Inn.

In the background, a white-bearded duo played an eclectic mix of laid-back tunes in accompaniment to the Saints vs. Patriots game. The service was unhurried, but no one seemed to mind—they all knew works of art took time.

I ordered the Juciy Hawaiian simply because I’m addicted to pineapple anything. So, this choice would be the Mid-West worshiped Juicy Lucy, times ten-- stuffed with provolone, and then piled high with a thick slice of ham and grilled pineapple, drizzled with some sweet chili sauce. To add to this madhouse, I sought-after a giant dill pickle spear and a pile of sweet potato fries that I happily ate in-between the bites of meaty goodness.

My friend, a vegetarian, watched as I devoured the burger, sweet chili sauce rolling all across my fingers, dripping from my chin. It was magical. I kept saying to her, “I wish you could taste this.” But truthfully I didn’t really want to share.

A waitress at the taste-bud sanctuary told me she won’t eat burgers at any other restaurant since working at the Breeze Inn, and I don’t blame her. The place is simple, satisfying and hidden, but once discovered the tastiness and nice change in pace could make any novice a devoted fan. Long live the Breeze Inn.


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