Meet the staff: Graham Hakala

GrahamHakalaName: Graham Hakala

Hometown: Keewatin, Minn.

Twitter: @Grahamhakala


My Beat: I love live, loud music. I’m going to be writing about the music and arts scene in Duluth and the Twin Ports. I’m not too engrained in the Duluth music community yet. I know a few key people, but I’m mostly a silent observer at this point. Duluth has a lot of really great bands, and I want to convince you to go see them. I’m really looking forward to meeting new people, and discovering new music in this artist-rich community.

My Job: I’m the editor in chief of Lake Voice. I’m the boss. I make sure that the ship doesn’t sink, and that we make the coolest community news site you’ve ever seen.

My Story: I moved to Duluth in January of 2011. Before that, I had a band together on the Iron Range called Corrupted Fish. We played several shows here in Duluth around 2007 and 2008.

I’m in a band currently, but it’s too early to tell you anything about it. Besides, this thing isn't all about me. It’s about music, and art, and people with beards holding banjos at coffee shops.

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