Meet the freshman class presidential candidates

The Freshman Elections will be taking place this Thursday and Friday, Sept. 26 and 27, to elect a class president, vice president, and four representatives. An email will be sent to all freshman on Thursday with a link to the ballot, and the Student Association will also have a table set up in the Lake Superior Hall lobby for those preferring to vote in person. Get a feel for each candidate by checking out their responses to a few questions. Each responded with their views on four topics:  1) Relevant experience or Qualifications, 2) Major platform, 3) Ideas for improving social life, and 4) Stance on tobacco and e-cigarette policies.


Thomas Paget

1) Nine years of consecutive student government experience

2) Effectively communicate with class and leverage experience

3) Work with council to organize events like poker night and movie night

4) They’re fine: not fair to get elected and start banning things



 Willow Huber

1) Summer organizing fellow for the Obama campaign

2) Keep dining center open later and improve lighting on Griggs Beach

3) Better advertised events including a weekly email

4) Tobacco policy needs rethinking



Jireh Mabamba

1) First foreign exchange student elected to Duluth East HS student government, senior class president in South Africa

2) Healthier and more food options in dining center

3) Make social events more compulsory to get people out of comfort zones

4) Anything distracting should be banned, and e-cigarettes are one of them



Adrian “Q” Quilling

1) One of 10 people who ran a 4,000 member church

2) Convert study lounges of freshman dorms into kitchens

3) Free stand-up comedy shows and concerts with local artists

4) Ban e-cigarettes indoors, but no problems on campus outside



Mu’Phengxue “Travis” Yang

1) Senior class president, high school’s World Club president

2) Cultural awareness

3) More dances and movie nights

4) They don’t cause problems so they’re okay



Dan Arbuckle

1) Former press secretary for high school’s International Club

2) Community printers in freshman dorms

3) Big-time concerts on "real" stage in Malosky Stadium

4) They don’t cause harm to others so they’re fine by me



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