Bulldog Q&A: Should e-cigarettes be held to the same standard as regular cigarettes?


“I think it’s fine inside. It’s way better than actual cigarettes. It seems a lot cleaner and better for other people.”—Ashleigh Rudlong, freshman business major.



“I’d say they should be held to the same standard. It’s kind of the same concept; smoking is smoking. Keep it away from people, and keep it outside.”—Wyatt Lindberg, freshman history major.




Yeah, they’re kind of the same. You’re still addicted to it, so it doesn’t help you.”—Emily Fremling, freshman sociology major.



“I guess, no. As advertised, they say it’s not as bad for you and it’s a pleasant smell. If it is as advertised, it’s not as much of a health issue, but it does still promote an image of smoking to young kids. If our goal as a nation is to be healthier, then we probably just shouldn’t be doing either. But I don’t think it should be as negatively associated as cigarettes.”—Shawn Weddel, junior earth and space science education major.



“No. I’ve quit smoking real cigarettes to use e-cigarettes. You’re just exhaling steam, and it’s only nicotine. Nicotine doesn’t have any carcinogens. Scientifically, you can’t prove something isn’t harmful; you can only prove that it is harmful. And nobody’s been able to prove that. I mean, just think about a nice place outside like this to go relax—if e-cigs were allowed, there wouldn’t be cigarette butts everywhere. If you say they’re just as bad as cigarettes, well then you might as well smoke.”—Danielle Stewart, first-year math graduate student.


BY MAEGGIE LICHT licht096@d.umn.edu

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