Meet the staff: Daniel Badhwa


Name: Daniel Badhwa

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.

Twitter: @badhwadaniel


Other: Facebook Page, Website

My Beat: When it comes to writing, my main topic of interest is homelessness, which was a project I started last year. I went out and talked to people who were either homeless or poverty-stricken and got to know a little about them. I hope to get into other topics soon, such as food, and possibly the arts. I plan on covering the downtown Duluth area; I'll be around Superior Street, from 8 Ave. E to about 4 or 5 Ave. W. Something that intrigues me about this area is the contrast in social classes--it's something that I want to look further into and possibly write about.

My Job: At LakeVoice, I hope to be doing a lot with photography, which is my main interest in journalism. Otherwise I am a part of the Content Production team.

My Story: I am currently in my fourth year at UMD and am majoring in digital art and photography with a double minor in journalism and art history. Along with my studies at UMD, I either have worked for or currently work for the UMD School of Fine Arts, UMD Athletics, and Robbinsdale Area Schools Adventure Club. I started out working as a recreation leader at Adventure Club, working with school-aged children, grades K-5. Earlier this year I got an internship as a photographer/artist for the UMD School of Fine Arts, creating images to help promote the school and increase recruitment for the upcoming year. Most recently, I was offered an internship position with UMD Athletics, in which I work as a journalist covering events; This includes writing recaps, conducting interviews, taking pictures and traveling to events. I am also an athlete on the track & field team, which is what a lot of my free time is dedicated to. My other interests include the arts (visiting museums and appreciating some of the great works created throughout history), the outdoors and food, but who doesn’t enjoy a good meal?


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