Champ's Cupboard provides students with assistance

With the start of a new semester, many students are overwhelmed with the high expenses that come along with college. Over the summer, UMD faculty and staff developed Champ’s Cupboard, a campus food shelf for students who may be struggling financially. Thanks to donations from UMD’s residence halls, students, faculty and staff, Champ’s Cupboard was able to open for all students in need of some extra support.

The idea of Champ’s Cupboard came from a group of students, and the Office of Student Life wanted to help encourage and support the students and their idea.

Champ’s Cupboard collects both non-perishable food items and non-food items, such as linens and toiletries, and is always looking for donations.


According to Laura Haffield, one of the main founders of Champ’s Cupboard, other than just food items, they collect things such as tea mixes, beverages, linens and other miscellaneous items.

Haffield has been working in the Office of Student Life for quite some time and said that her personal desire for helping out in Champ’s Cupboard stems from wanting to help and provide students with opportunities.

“I interact with a lot of students, and I really want to help the students and give them every opportunity they can have to feel welcome, and provide a welcoming and inclusive campus,” Haffield said.

The main goal of Champ’s Cupboard is not to ask for as many donations as possible, but rather to grow and expand so they can provide help to as many students as possible.

Champ’s Cupboard is located in the Office of Student Life, Kirby Plaza 245, and is open to all students.

If students have any questions about Champ’s Cupboard or would like to get involved, they can contact Laura Haffield at 218-726-8501 or email her at  Students can also visit the Champ’s Cupboard Facebook Page.



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